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MARG Medic Provides an efficient mechanism to upkeep the records of Sale, Purchase,
Stock And Accounting for a medicine whole sale and retail shop.

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MARG Medic Effortlessly Manages All Your Information.

To accurately know current inventory levels and minimize understock and overstock situations. It allows you to instantly check your stock quantities, know when to reorder supplies, track expenses, and always have the right amount of inventory on-hand. Provides detailed and summary reports of Sale & purchase for any particular duration. Provides multiple criterions stock Reports.

MARG Medic also fulfills all the financial accounting requirements so that one can know the Income and expenditure details, Preparation of accounting books such as day book, profit and loss account and balance sheet. Can create any number of account group and account ledgers. Keeps track of all payment / receipt of company / shop option for entering journal entries.

MARG Medic Software

MARG Medic Key Benefits

  • Provides computerized data storage facility.
  • Provide easy search for any record.
  • Requires less time for completion of any work.
  • All the stock of medicine is updated automatically.
  • The system is user friendly and anyone having computer knowledge can handle it easily.
  • Suitability for computerized data entry.
  • Maintaining stock, supplier information.
  • Customer information & bill information are easy.
  • Security against unauthorized access.
  • Reminders for product low stock, product short expiry.
  • Inbuilt medicine list.
  • Master driven bill customization.
  • Regular customers bill database.
  • Auto email of purchase orders to suppliers.

Benefits of Computerization

  • Control On Pilferage, Stocks, Expiry & Claims.
  • Easy & Fast Billing With Accuracy.
  • Cross Check Of Purchase Rates, Disc. Deal & Cost.
  • Effective Purchase Management To Reduce Costing.
  • Regular Patient Prescriptions & Reminders.
  • Order Generation & Best Suppliers Planning.
  • Minimize The Chance Of Human Mistakes.
  • Best Relations With Patent & Doctors.
  • Customer Satisfaction & Business Improvement.
  • Integrated Accounting "PAPERLESS SHOP"

Key Features

  • Billing
    Easy & Fast Billing With Minimum Enter Required. Salt/Substitute/Rack/Few Character Wise Search. Sales in Strips & Tablets. Doctor/Patient Wise Sales. Prescription Wise Sales & Pending Reminders. Cash, Credit, Panel Wise Bill/Challan. Inclusive, Exclusive Master/Batch Wise Tax. Various type Of Discounts & Schemes. Saleable/Expiry Returns & Its Adjustments. Wholesale Billing Option. Expired Item Alert & Near Expiry Indication. Loss/Margin Loss Indication. Multiple Customers Billing At Same Time On Single PC. Counter Sales & Challans For Loose Sales. Most & Least Saleable Item Details.
  • Purchase
    Auto Purchase Load From Order. Purchase As Per Supplier Invoice. Fix Sales Rate On MRP / Pur. Rate / Margin Basis. Cash / Credit Purchase. Day Wise Supplier Ordering System. Supplier Wise Various Outstanding Reports. Pending Brk / Expiry, Dr/Cr & Replacement Notes. Stock Adjustment Add For Without Purchase. Easy Option For Management To Cross-Check Bills.
  • Accounting
    Easy Accounting. Financial Accounting. Trial Balance, Balance Sheet And P&L On Tips. Suppliers Outstanding Ledger & Bank Summary. All Books of Accounts e.g. Day/Petty Cash Books. Sales Tax Registers & Summaries. Journal Entries for Adjustments.
  • Stock Report
    Stock Reports For Available Items & All Items. Item/Batch Register For Sold Items. Expired/Stocks Report. Near Expiry Stock Can Be Auto Transfer To Expired Stock. Supplier Wise Various Stock Reports.
  • Other
    100% Data Accuracy & Security. Tried & Tested (Error Free Software). Financial Year Change Facility. Suppliers, Customers & Personal Directory. Hot Keys For Switch Over From One Report To Another. Data Security With Backup Facility. Any Report Printing From Anywhere. Panel/Doctor/Patient/Supplier Wise Sales Reports. Problem Resolution Through Email From Software Automatically.

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Don’t hesitate to ask us something, Our customer support team always ready to help you,
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